Sally Barton

In summary, as an illustrator I produce storyboards (created using both traditional and digital media), watercolour illustration for both children’s fiction and adult non-fiction, black line and digital illustration, and artist’s impressions in watercolour for developers & architects; I’m a member of the Society of Architectural Illustrators (payment of my annual subscription has lapsed but I’m intending to rectify this!)

Watercolour is my favourite medium but I’m continually developing new techniques in digital media too – particularly Photoshop where I can happily burn the midnight oil exploring its huge potential – and I frequently combine the two.

My ideal brief, whether for storyboards or a children’s story, would be predominantly figurative – as it’s people that I like to paint and draw the most.

I’ve over 25 years’ experience working in commercial illustration and I also try to find time to work on my ‘own’ painting too and to develop my ‘drawn blog’ (is a ‘drog’ a thing?) which is currently – and slowly – under construction.​