Steve King

I’ve had a talent for drawing & painting from an early age and only seemed logical, after graduating from the Berkshire College of Art and Design that I should consequently spend many years working in office interior design!! Well, since then, I have been pursuing a career as an artist/illustrator, which is more suited to my abilities.

I like colour in my work. Vivid colours. That makes me happy. However, when there is a need for just black and white… I cope. I like detail, influenced by my work with technical drawing and space planning, so much of my illustrations tend to have a realistic feel whether they are figurative or architectural.

I am as happy working with traditional techniques as with digital. My illustrations start off by just sketching and drawing, and once finalised, can be transferred digitally for colouring to be completed on the computer. Digital illustration is faster and a more accepted way of working but there is still space for the traditional techniques, I like to think.