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Spotlight: Interview with Conor Rawson

We’re excited to get to know Conor Rawson, a Swindon-based illustrator who creates bright, playful images to make people smile. What are the childhood memories and adventures that come out to play in your work? So many things. I have a very vivid memory of my childhood. Holidays to the seaside, Sunday afternoon car drives,…


Spotlight: Interview with Jabier Erostarbe

We are pleased to introduce Jabier Erostarbe, an artist based in the Basque country specialising in watercolour and ink drawings who has recently joined the ODI network. As a child, you would spend hours reading and creating your own stories – what characters would you create? Which comics inspired you? I think that in this world…


Spotlight: Interview with Ai Higaki

Ai Higaki currently lives and works from a small village in Spain, under a stork’s nest – read on to explore a little more of the wonderful world behind her artwork. Was there an illustrated book which you really sunk into the pages of as a child? I really loved a book called “Guri and Gura”,…