Agim Sulaj

Agim Sulaj, born in Tiriana in 1960, lives in Rimini, Italy, and works between Rimini and London.

“Agim Sulaj works in a unique genre that is most accurately defined as metaphorical realism. Unique in this genre is the fact that the artist, in his work, connects into one the classical school of realism with profound philosophical ideas. In the history of art, every great artist has his own world, his own world in the colours, composition, drawing and plurality of worlds presented. Agim Sulaj creates parallel reality worlds, fantastic reality is often quite impossible in fact, contrary to the laws of physics. This fantastic reality necessary for the author to express his philosophical parables about the existential nature of life, the tragic loneliness of human consciousness and his soul. In Agim’s paintings, the linguistic metaphorical system is transferred into a visual metaphorical system through the perfection of connections and colours and the ultimate attention to detail. This is the beginning of the second Italian Renaissance not only of classical realism, but above all – thought.” – Mikhail Zlatkosky, Knight of Order of Legion of Honour, France

Selected Press [English]

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