Mark McEnteggart

Having scribbled and sketched from an early age, I always dreamed of becoming an illustrator for a living so consider myself very fortunate to be doing just that.

Aside from drawing, my other interests and inspiration come from a variety of sources including horses, wildlife, gardening, sports, yoga, coffee, current affairs, rock ‘n’ roll and the occasional barefoot run – although not necessarily in that order!!

My influences have ranged from cartoonists like Randy Glasbergen, Dik Browne and Jim Davis to children’s book illustrators Quentin Blake and Alex Sheffler – although I grew up with Marvel comics so there’s always room for a bit of superhero inspiration!!

Sometimes it’s easier to draw straight into Photoshop but by and large my work starts out as a hand drawn sketch that I take into Photoshop or Illustrator, depending on the style required.

I then either redraw the sketch or vector it up before adding colours and textures as needed so I hope you enjoy browsing my work as much as I enjoyed making it.