Nélida Zubia

My name is Nélida Zubia, I’m an artist from Gran Canaria currently based in Oxford. I have experience in different fields, from the creation of logos and album covers, event posters, to wedding invitations as well as pixel art. I also have experience creating educational illustrations.

I work digitally with Adobe Suite, Corel Painter, Pixen, etc. as well as with traditional mediums, such as ink, markers, acrylics, oils and woodblock printmaking. I am able to adapt to different styles, from a more realistic approach, more comic/manga, to more abstract or surreal. My preferred themes are the human figure, nature and animals. I enjoy working with bright bold colours in my illustrations, but I’m also able to work with a restricted palette or in black and white.

Besides my interest in art and illustration, one of my biggest hobbies is travelling. These trips are a chance for me to be inspired by other cultures and traditions. I enjoy capturing how diverse the world is: different landscapes, flora and fauna, traditional clothing and performing arts are some of the aspects that flow into my work.