Stephen Lillie

Hello, I’m Steve,

When I started working as an illustrator I used traditional media and delivered physical artwork. Over the years I have gradually moved in digital artwork, which has many advantages.

For me drawing is at the base of all my work. Even if working digitally, I still use a hands on painting approach as that is the only way to ensure your own drawing language comes through. Everything I do starts with a pencil drawing.

I’ve worked for a great variety of clients, so I’ve adapted my work to what they wanted. I like to try different different ways of working, experiment and develop. Clients are always assured that they know what they are getting as I provide roughs, and refine artwork to ensure the final result is satisfactory.

I work in Photoshop, and Illustrator, whatever is best.

I’m a birdwatcher, cyclist, gamer, and beer drinker!