We have been known as specialist designers and illustrators of educational books for almost 50 years. We take great pride in being a major supplier of design and artwork to some of the UK’s leading educational publishers and have experience of working with publishers to produce books on every subject and at every level.

From journals to The Oxford History of Western Art, we also have enormous experience in handling high-level, complex material. We often work closely with authors especially on scientific and medical projects. The exacting levels of accuracy demanded can only be achieved by a studio with vast experience and an understanding of the subject material.

We provide a wide range of services for Educational Publications including:

•  Design  •  Typesetting  •  Page make-up  •
•  Illustration  •  Art buying  •  Cover design  •
•  Copy editing  •  Project management  •

Ashmolean Museum: My Ashmolean Discovery Book

Concept design, cover design, typesetting, page make-up

This award-winning book was designed and produced in conjunction with The Ashmolean Museum. They asked us to produce a book for children between the ages of 8-11 which inspired them to ask about the stories behind the artefacts and exhibitions held at the museum. We created a design to excite and encourage the children, which included a range of activities – imaginative drawing tasks, designing coins, piecing together Samurai armour and mending a jar using stickers.

CJ Fallon: Read at Home

Design, typesetting, page make-up, illustration, art buying, cover design, project management.

For these six books in English and six in Gaelic we really needed our extensive illustration resources, as each page was a full illustration. We have artbuyers and a huge number of freelance illustrators that we can call upon to meet the demands of artwork intensive series such as these. The skill is to match the correct artist to the text, and then to manage these artists so that all the elements come together on the page within budget and on schedule. Having texts in Gaelic mean it’s vital we interpret the texts correctly with the pictures.

Schofield & Sims: Revision Guides

Design, typesetting, page make-up, illustration, cover design.

Schofield & Sims are one of the UK’s leading educational publishers and we are proud to have been their major supplier of design and artwork for more than ten years, producing Readers, Workbooks for Maths, English Comprehension, Handwriting and Science. These guides are aimed at both the school and the trade market. There is a lot of competition in revision titles sold on the high street and, unlike with some others, parents as well as teachers can be confident that the choice of typefaces and illustrations are educationally correct for the age group.

CrossAcademe: Topic Eye series

Concept design, cover design, typesetting, page make-up.

We were at the start of this new magazine resource to support students studying GCSE and A-Level. Alongside our client we designed and illustrated these magazines.

Pearson: Stimmt! 

Typesetting, page make-up, realia.

CJ Fallon: Busy at Maths

Concept design, logo, typesetting, illustration, page make-up, cover design.

This series is only one of many primary maths projects that we have produced for publishers over the years. Attention to detail is key to give the pupils every chance to grasp what some find as difficult concept

Church Cowley St. James Primary School: Recount Writing Homework Project Book

Design, typesetting, page make-up, illustration, cover design, project management.

This book is the first in a series produced for a primary school in Oxford wishing to publish and sell its own material. The project was handled from start to finish in-house, adapting the given school characters to an engaging doodled-on scrapbook style. The ‘googly eye spy’ character reappears throughout the book, which we conceived as trying to detect and steal the key technical words. We used our own educationally correct fonts for the range of handwritten texts to ensure both clarity and liveliness within the text.