There seems to be no slowdown in the desire for the world to learn English. We have been a major supplier of English language teaching materials in primary, secondary and business sectors for over 30 years, working for publishers at home and abroad. We work closely with authors and editors not only to deliver their content, but also to make their publications stand out from the competition. As well as designing and illustrating, we also project-manage large schemes which may include supplementary materials alongside the books.

CJ Fallon: Wonderland English Learning Programme

Character visualisations, logo design, font adaptation, design, typesetting, page make-up, cover design.

This is a major primary scheme for teaching English. The concept of ‘Wonderland’ and its cast of characters was visualised by our artist. The publisher needed a huge amount of work produced in a short time, which meant us organising page make-up and illustrator teams. As with all primary English for schools, the choice of fonts and type sizes is crucial so teachers could be assured that everything was educationally correct, whilst the children had fun learning. The letterforms and numbers were adapted for the Irish market.

Oxford University Press: Let’s Go

Design, typesetting, page make-up, photo management, illustration, project management.

This is one of the many series we have worked on to create adaptations for use in different English Language Teaching markets. In particular we are experienced in sourcing photos and commissioning illustrations sensitive to the different cultures and religions of the middle east. Sourcing photos on behalf of our publishers has become an increasingly important service.

Oxford University Press: Mosaic

Page make-up, typesetting.

For these projects from OUP we project manage several books and levels within a series on behalf of the in-house designers. This includes attending picture research meetings, co-ordinating with editors, designers and picture editors. Even though a template is supplied at the start of the project not all elements can be covered and we will be asked to design features and sections ensuring the established design is followed.

Librarie du Liban Publishers: Super Rory

Design, typesetting, page make-up, illustration, cover design, project management.

Teaching English to children for whom the Roman alphabet is not their script requires extra care. As is often the case, the fewer words there are on the page, the more important it is that they are the correct font and size. LdLP asked us to work directly with the author and freelance editor to create this attractive primary series. The books are split between a ‘real life’ story of a family with young children growing up and fun activity pages which consolidate the students’ learning. Our experience in choosing the right illustrators was key to the success of this series.